The Introduction

An internet based concern of SAYEM GROUP in Bangladesh, creating digital products and introducing them to markets with investors and working partners on board. The mission is to “ create digital platform and products that at least 10 million people can use and be benefited in terms of daily life and work convenience by 2021.

VISION: “ To be the best internet company in Bangladesh in terms of work culture, members growth opportunity and contribution to national GDP."


We believe in achieving these 6 core aspects:

Winning as a team

We want to share growth with our partners and team members and build a healthy, win-win Internet ecosystem based on open collaboration with partners.

Continous Learning

We constantly provide training and development opportunities to our interns and employees and encourage them to grow together.

Collaborative culture

We establish a culture that brings out the best of each personnel by support of others.

Challenging Nature

We do not like to settle, hence we always keep pushing our limits and want team members who loves challenging life.

User First

Whatever we do we definitely aim to keep user in mind and constantly work on to improve on user experience.

Value over Profit

If there is a value, it is always profitable, hence always we hustle to create value for our users and stakeholders.

The Projects

Merchant Bay

We are the tech power behind the RMG digitalization by fueling the platform where suppliers and buyers meet to do business at ease.

EK Nojor

The quickest user interface promised to stay updated on news using our personalized news aggregator app which allows you to see 100 relevant news in just a couple of minutes.

Smart School System

Unique ERP system brought first time in Bangladesh, where the school, teachers and parents can stay updated about the daily activity and performance on the mobile app.